Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Buzzy Buzzy Buzzy Bees

With the fine weather over the last few days Little Swans have been focussing on our stock management processes and enthusiastically building up new relationships ready for our Autumn collections.  

We have just delivered the first instalment of our Summer 2012 collection to babye in Ealing, London.  For the first time we have matching headbands for all ladies 0-99 years. Originally we only made very large bow bands for Mummy's upon individual request but babye have asked for our head bands in three sizes - birth to toddler; toddler to child; child to adult.  They are on a universal band so although the designs and bow sizes differ the bands do fit universally. Also to give ladies a range of options the bow on their headband is moveable and re-movable.  For safety reasons the bands for younger females have fixed bows.

Babye have a good range of bibs, toy catchers, changing pads and waterproof 'hold it together' bags.  They have been made to co-ordinate in three Liberty Art Fabrics, Pepper (Red, White and Blue palate); Pepper (Pink and white palate) and Keiko (Aqua and Violet palate).  

We are in production on our latest lines for the males in the family - Liberty Art Fabric Bow Ties.  We will be supplying babye with our new bow-ties in the next few weeks ready for sale later in June 2012.  We are making bow-ties for: - babies to toddlers and toddlers to child's sizes.  We are currently testing the market and fine tuning the final product but pictures will be available to entice you next week.  We have not made bow ties for men but will do this on commission only, at this time.

If you are able to pop into babye please do so, they will be pleased to see you.  If not why not google them and see our items coming on line on their website over the next few months.

Remember if you have a desire for any item for a baby which Liberty fabric can produce please ring us and talk with us - we are keen to take on new ideas and commissions at any time.

Please ask for Nangela on 07 540 420 365.

Would you believe it - its just started to rain....