Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Thank you for shopping with Babye

As readers are aware Little Swans was created around the time of the birth of our little man, and for the first twelve months or so we made items for friends and family and tried and tested items for sale.  At the end of 2011 'babye' invited us to sell our items through their Ealing shop and in February 2012 our first items were offered for sale.

Six months later..... !!

It's a big big thank you to all 'babye', Ealing,  customers, who have over the last six months showed a growing loyalty to the Little Swans Brand.

We have had phenomenal success.  We doubled our  sales from March to May 2012 and have doubled them again between June and August 2012.  This is wonderful and we are most grateful.  Thank you.  

The essential aim of Little Swans is to produce items which are baby focussed and individually made, locally by the founders of Little Swans.  At this time this means made in London, Norwich or Southwold depending on family commitments.  Our items have been designed by a mother and a grandmother to be beautiful and practical, and to be developed without loosing sight of the need for all babies to be supported and encouraged to meet their potential.

Following on from our success via babye we are delighted to advise that we have just delivered our first Liberty Art Fabric items to The Little Shop which is owned by Collen and Clare and is in Southwold.  This shop offers a delightful range of items for babies and children - please see their website for further information.  

As a consequence Little Swans current priority is in providing sufficient individually made wonderful Liberty Art Fabric items to meet growing need.  We will, therefore,  be leaving our little shop closed for the time being.

Please remember that I will be happy to talk to all callers interested in purchasing our baby and mother/carer items or in discussing new items or commissions for nursery items e.g. Moses baskets; hobby horses; soft knitted toys.

Thanks again all of you who have contributed to making our first six months a huge success.