Sunday, 21 October 2012

William and Kate, Baby Fever - Channel 5.

Not only have we sold items to for potential use on Eastenders but earlier this month we were shown on Channel 5's programme on babies and Will and Kate and baby fever.  Thanks to Liz of babye for showing our Litttle Swan items and for explaining how they focus on fine fabrics for little ones.  She also explained that Little Swans items are specifically designed for boys and or girls using both modern and stereotypical expectations of gender development.

I love boys in pretty clothes and do not hide the fact that we have a very early boy doll (physically complete) who is kitted out in his original peach coloured clothing which we purchased for my daughter who had no brother until she was 9 years old.   Sadly our little man (grandson) does not want to play with him - give Milo a bin men lorry any day....and that choice is not adult led.

Nature or nurture - I just think they should be able to experience all tastes so our boys and girls wear is versatile   Flowers for boys and jets for girls...  Whatever you want we can supply.

Cars for Christmas is our flagship fabric.

It is that time of year at Little Swans

Not Bonfire Night Yet but getting the red nose ready for this year's celebrations.

Cars, one of the wonderful Liberty London Art Fabrics will be the Little Swans flagship fabric for this Christmas and a new selection of baby items will be on sale with babye from early next month.

Also we have just completed our first two hobby horses in Liberty Art Fabrics.  They are so nice they have both got homes already.  A Pink based horse for a lucky little lady in Essex whose Mummy has her own  horse already and a blue one for a little chap in Suffolk who showed his keenness to ride a horse with a metre measuring stick the other morning.  No photo sorry... Use your imagination as obviously he did.

For those of you already thinking about buying those long life gifts here is a quick peak at the prototype.  Thanks to Tom my daughter's wonderful friend who is a fantastic carpenter and spent so much time working with me to get the style and cut of the 'hobby' just right for our 18mth to 3/4 year olds.

 I have noticed that the horse's lovely blue eye is hidden by his main and I will deal with this for future photos - cant having our horses not seeing where they are going especially with such young riders.  Hay ho.or Neigh Nonny nonny.
Back to making....