Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Past

Christmas has almost passed and whilst we are all still wrestling with the remnants of leftover turkey and mince pies, arguing over who has to eat the lonely Quality Streets left languishing in the tin(in our house, the green triangles), Little Swans are taking a moment to reflect on a peaceful and happy holiday period.

In a nod to this season's "Christmas Jumper" trend, Milo was decked out in his reindeer jumper (courtesy of cousin Ruby) and coordinating Little Swans bib.  In the image above, Milo is bidding farewell to his seasonal friend, Mr Polar Bear, who lives at the Osterley Garden Centre.  He will be much missed.  To be honest, with Milo's increasing mobility I think it's for the best.  He is inches away from mounting Mr Polar Bear and attempting to ride him around the indoor plant section.

Continuing the festive tradition of novelty jumpers, is the need felt by many parents to dress your child in fancy dress.  Whilst I love the idea of fancy dress, the reality of it always leaves me running for the nearest super market.  In this instance, the "orange" one.  There are better pictures of him in the whole outfit, but I'd like him to still talk to me when he's older...(P.S. He was a star).

Well, at least for now, he still has a smile on his face.  I'm sure he loves it really...

Love from,

Little Swans

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Winter Blues

This week we're all experiencing the start of the winter weather at its worst. Cold, rainy and blustery. Perfect for a day spent inside by the fire (or central heating). We've spent our rainy days baking cookies, painting christmas canvasses for gifts and finishing our felt stockings.

To warm your cockles, here are a few of our favourite "winter blues" Little Swans of London waterproof-backed bibs and toy catchers, all made in Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric.

All of our bibs and toy catchers are available to buy on, priced at £12.75 ($20) for bib and toycatcher.  Gift wrapping is included for all Little Swans of London items.

Love from,

Little Swans

Swans Sympathising with Santa

As Christmas Eve approaches, spare a thought for the big guy...If those lovely Louboutins don't appear under the christmas tree, not to mention a beautiful Bayswater, don't feel resentful, look at what the poor fella has to contend with:

Milo with Father Christmas at Osterley Garden Centre

"Merry" Christmas Everyone!

Love from,

Little Swans

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Cookies

Being stuck for ideas for the Christmas gifts for friends and family, this week I enlisted the help of my one year old in the kitchen to make Christmas Cookies for all to enjoy.  The "nicely browned" cookies were neatly diguised with some effective icing!

Merry Christmas!

Love from,

Little Swans

Sunday, 11 December 2011

What Lovely (Nor)Folk!

Going back to my roots this week with a visit to my birthplace of Norwich, Norfolk.  Whenever we visit the area, we have a wonderful sense of homecoming.  The opportunity to shop in relative peace in the fantastic Chapelfield Shopping Centre and even better are the ludicrously tempting Lanes, which house myriad independent retailers, selling high fashion items, art, jewellery, shoes, cameras and the best fish and chips this side of Anstruther!  Indeed Norwich truly is a "fine city".
Just outside of Norwich, lies the village of Taverham.  Here lies a hidden secret amongst crafters: Taverham Garden and Crafts Centre.  (  The garden centre is wonder enough, chocked to the rafters with every garden implement imaginable.  As my father noted whilst there "That's the best selection of bird feeders I've ever seen!".  Now, if ornithology's your thing it's clearly the place to be!
On the same site as the Garden Centre is a treasure trove of other craft shops.  At the front of the site (with its own dedicated carpark - parking is in abundance here) is Saffire Chocolate.  I was won over by the smell, the innovative chocolate designs, the ludicrously reasonable prices and most of all the warmth of the welcome we received in the shop.  All of the chocolates are made on site and production was stopped for baby M to have a sample (which he licked and promptly rejected and I, most benevolently, helped him out...).  An armchair sits in the shop encouraging you to settle down and enjoy the ambiance of the shop, or perhaps make your purchase and have a few "testers" before leaving.  I obliged.  Well, it would've been rude not to...  For more information contact Saffire on:

If you know me, chances are you'll be enjoying saffire chocolates for Christmas.  You lucky things...  (We fell for the 16cm diameter Happy Holiday chocolate wreath, boxed, for £6.50.)
Round the corner, dotted around the carpark (as I said, lots of parking) are the main craft shops.  Sew Simple offers a world of sewing related products, from crochet to knitting, to quilting, to ribbons, to threads, to buttons, to other bits.  If you can sknitch it, you can buy it here!

Next are the two shops that were my undoing.  Firstly a visit to The Kitchenary Ltd left me much lighter of pocket, but also full of dreams that indeed I am able to master any of Nigella's christmas recipes.  In fact, what the heck, I should actually write my own recipe book!  Why not, I have all of the tools!  (Thankfully, whilst I am delightedly working my way through all of my goodies, I have also regained a sense of normality and aware of my limitations).  The Kitchenary housed more cake decorating goodies than I had EVER seen.  Every shade under the sun!  I also loved the fact that you can hire out cake tins.  What a fantastic idea!  The ladies of The Kitchenary are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and will spend time ensuring that you are able to access the correct products enabling you to become the next Delia, or Nigella.
The Kitchenary are the suppliers of the Little Swans of London "Swan" cookie cutters that are included in the Little Swans of London "Cook Together Sets".  For more information on The Kitchenary, contact them on:
Next door is Country Corner.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that ribbon is my weakness, particularly grosgrain ribbon.  No idea why.  I just love it.  I also love East of India's ribbon.  Imagine my reaction, therefore at finding a shop that housed nothing but East of India products.  Amazing.  The shop is beautifully presented and the pricing is, once again, incredibly reasonable.  If an East of India product that you desire isn't currenlty available, they will allow you to have a nosey through the suppliers catalogue and will order the item in especially for you.  Outstanding service!  Whilst there, I stocked up on cards for various occasions that may, possibly, happen in the coming years...
So, if you are in the area, fancy a day out, or love ribbon/ chocolate/ ornithology as much as me, check out Taverham.

Now, where did I put those Saffire chocolates...

Love from,

Little Swans

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Little Swans of London on Sale!

Little Swans of London are delighted to announce (to the sounds of trumpets!) that our Little Swans items, made using Liberty of London fabric are now on sale at

Whilst we are just about resisting the urge to splurge on our own products, we have been incredibly impressed by the ease which with we were able to register with and just how fantastic this website is for Crafters and Cottage Industrialists everywhere. 

I must thank my Twitterati @peggycollection and @lucyaliceporter for their "virtual" and encouragement in getting online with

See the link below for a quick link to Little Swans items for sale at

We currently have two styles of bibs with toycatchers, and our "Heavenly Headbands" for sale.  We will be listing more items in the next few days.

Love from,

Little Swans