Thursday, 27 October 2011

Christening Day

Here is a picture of my son and grandson at my grandson's Christening earlier this year.  My grandson is wearing one of our bibs made from Liberty of London Tana Lawn "Eloise" fabric.  We also make toy catchers and drawstring waterproof bags in this fabric.  Limited supplies!

As you might be able to see - if you look really closely - our Little Swans tags evolved from simple white cotton tags, with green writing, to black tags with white writing.  They also serve the dual purpose of a simple "Fertler" for babies to "fertle" with...

Our early prototype bibs have a velcro fastening, which is easier with younger babies.  Our new designs feature a popper fastening, which is harder for little tykes to pull off.  Our current stock includes both style of fastener.  All of our new bibs also now feature a waterproof backing, so that babies' clothes are kept clean and dry, helping keep dribble rash at bay.

Much more to come...


Little Swans

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