Monday, 28 November 2011

Little Swans Are Busy Bees

Making the most of family time is at the heart of the Little Swans' ethos.  This may mean we have to sacrifice quality time with the sofa, but it does mean we can share with you some of the fun we've enjoyed together this week.
Milo in his JoJoMamanBebe Coat (sleeves rolled up) and hat (gift from Aunty Mel and Uncle Richard)

Stocked up on canvasses from Tiger, Little Swans set about creating a masterpiece.  Using a chubby paint brush, his hands, and elbows to cover cover the canvas.  With a glint in his eye, Milo looked straight at me, dipped his paintbrush in the blue paint and popped it straight in his mouth.  Reminiscent of an 80s Culture Club tribute act, he appeared to enjoy the taste and seemed very pleased with himself.  We have proudly displayed the final product on our hallway wall.  Milo was clearly so encouraged by this, he continued his creation along the walls, sadly minus the canvas...

Creating a masterpiece and eating paint
Making the most of the final days of autumn, we visited Cliveden House for a walk in the grounds and lunch in the Orangery.  In our pre-baby days we enjoyed afternoon tea in the House.  Sadly, bone china tea services and one year old boys do not mix and we had a wonderfully relaxing lunch far from precious antiques!  Our walk in the gardens allowed us the chance to forage for fallen foliage for the christmas Women's Institute wreath making workshop we are looking forward to this coming week. 
Milo and Daddy walking on the autumn carpet at Cliveden House

The week also afforded Milo and I precious time to visit one of our favourite singing groups at the local baptist church.  Hullabaloo takes place each Friday and, whilst the seemingly endless supply of cake and coffee is reason enough to attend, I'm always taken aback by the warmth of the welcome that the volunteers extend; not to mention the warmth of the hall on a cold and blustery day. 

Baby M has been rather poorly this week, so our crafty time has been somewhat limited.  However, we have made the time to continue our preparations for the upcoming Craft Fairs in Norwich and Richmond. 

Special Offer at the Craft Fairs: Waterproof Liberty of London Bibs: £9. each

We've also realise that we've been indulging in the perks of the job a little too freely as we realised, walking up the stairs, that we've been wracking up the Liberty of London scarves!
Now, we must leave you to tend to the family we've enjoyed so many outings and experiences with this week.  We wish you well until the next time!


Little Swans

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