Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Past

Christmas has almost passed and whilst we are all still wrestling with the remnants of leftover turkey and mince pies, arguing over who has to eat the lonely Quality Streets left languishing in the tin(in our house, the green triangles), Little Swans are taking a moment to reflect on a peaceful and happy holiday period.

In a nod to this season's "Christmas Jumper" trend, Milo was decked out in his reindeer jumper (courtesy of cousin Ruby) and coordinating Little Swans bib.  In the image above, Milo is bidding farewell to his seasonal friend, Mr Polar Bear, who lives at the Osterley Garden Centre.  He will be much missed.  To be honest, with Milo's increasing mobility I think it's for the best.  He is inches away from mounting Mr Polar Bear and attempting to ride him around the indoor plant section.

Continuing the festive tradition of novelty jumpers, is the need felt by many parents to dress your child in fancy dress.  Whilst I love the idea of fancy dress, the reality of it always leaves me running for the nearest super market.  In this instance, the "orange" one.  There are better pictures of him in the whole outfit, but I'd like him to still talk to me when he's older...(P.S. He was a star).

Well, at least for now, he still has a smile on his face.  I'm sure he loves it really...

Love from,

Little Swans

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