Saturday, 25 February 2012

Little Lent...How appropriate, it's Heavenly Headbands

Planning for a wedding day means paying attention to the littlest of details.  From table favours, to boutonnieres, to dressing your favourite Flower girls, an eye for detail is desired.  With friends and family recently enjoying their nuptials, we have been commissioned to make bridesmaid dresses, wedding favours and accessories for flower girls.

Breaking away from the more traditional flower circle, or tiara, we now bring to you our range of Heavenly Headbands.  Priced at a Little Swans steal of £6. (and with free postage and packing for Lent, with code, LENT), all headbands are made with Liberty Art Fabric and are adorned with a gorgeous and stylish bow.

The Heavenly Headbands fit most head sizes, from toddlers to adults and can be worn for parties, weddings, or allowing yourself a bit of everyday glamour!
Mosey on over to the Little Swans Little Shop for more details and to snap up a style.

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Little Swans

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